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“Precisely a hundred and two years back the great photographer Edward Steichen wrote
‘If the photographer is desirous of also being an artist his work shall communicate the spirit of a painter.’
If at all true, it could very easily be applied to the works of Avneesh. Basically trained as a painter; with several successful achievements in the field, when he took up photography, he didn’t have to wait for years to achieve success in that direction. Right from the very beginning, whenever he points his camera at something it is only at a perfect picture; nearer to painting than a record of events or things. His each and every composition is a perfect painting in itself; without manipulation. And that is the mantra of his success. No doubt; his work indeed reflects the spirit of a painter. Keeping his yet a tender age in consideration much can be expected from him in his future persuits”

P.C.LITTLE, Hon. FICS, Former Director,National Academy of Fine Arts New Delhi's Regional Centre, Lucknow and Retd. Head, Commercial Art and Photography, Faculty of Fine Arts, Lucknow University, Lucknow.

“Avneesh Kumar is a talented photographer with a great sense of form and balance. His feel of composition seems unerring and he somehow makes an visual-emotional connection with his subjects.My blessings are always with him.”

PETER PLANTEC, Contributing editor/Blogger, STUDIODaily.com; and VFXWorld .com columnist. Host FMX, Stuttgart, Co Chair Mundos Digitales, La Caruna, Spain, Host 5D Conference, Long Beach, California. Advisor:Digital Design Foundation, Beijing

 “Avneesh has a great sense of form and color. His ability to use colors and forms to create graphic imagery is outstanding.His selective cropping reflects his sensibility and background in  visual arts.”

ASHISH CHAWALA, Fashion and Advertising Photographer
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